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Oh, what an exciting day it was!

04/01/11 day 1 blog collage 1

I had such a hard time falling asleep the night before. I was excited and nervous and my brain just would not shut off. And then before I knew it, the alarm was going off (so early!) and it was time to start the day! And a pretty, bright, and sunny day it was!

I was nervous and felt a little nauseated as a result. I was only able to drink about half of my coffee (*cries*) and didn’t really want to eat anything. We got to the end of the loooooooong, driveway and I saw two chicas, one with pink and blonde hair (Jamie!)  and one tall, tall, blonde (Katie!)

Jamie and Katie got me settled into our room, which was supplied with noms and balloons. Soon after, we were joined by my adorably pregnant fellow blogger, Megan Burleson! I also got to meet our newest blogger addition, Elizabeth MacFarland of NBC 25!

We went over all the paperwork and I signed my soul away (x3!) and then it was time to see the Chevy goodness! Ok, not really on the soul part.

Megan’s Traverse arrived first. Then Liz’s Traverse. And then. Then! Along came my Cruze! So cute! So new! So shiny! So much better than my usual!

Everyone was so awesome and so nice! And I completely forgot to be nervous once I was there. Except for the parts where I was on camera. Then all I managed to think about was OMG WHAT IF I LOOK SUPER DUMB RIGHT NOW??? I didn’t get the chance to see it when it aired, but I’m choosing to believe that it all went well and that I didn’t look dumb at all.  They wanted one final shot of me driving off in the Cruze and then I was off! And on to the next part of my day!

I went straight to my grandma’s and took her for a ride. We drove to see my mother at work for a minute and made use of the bluetooth capabilities on the way. So neat to be able to just talk while I’m driving without having to worry about messing with the phone at all! It’s voice activated and all I had to do was say the number I wanted to call! How cool is that??

My next stop was WNEM TV5’s station because I’m going to have an ad on their AM radio station! (Yay!) This actually had nothing to do with my Chevy blogging at all and was just a business promo with their ad side. But, while I was there, the news side wanted to do a little interview too, about the Chevy blogging. So that was unexpected and cool! I posted the link on facebook, but here it is if you missed it: Wendy on TV5!

Then I was all done being publicized and went back to a more or less normal day. I went back to my grandma’s and picked her up to go do some banking and shopping. We fit all of our stuff in the trunk with room to spare. It’s surprisingly roomy in there.

That night, I went out to see Source Code (I liked it!) and afterward the day really caught up with me and I was so ready for bed!

If you’d like to keep up with the Mid-Michigan Chevy Girls on the Go this month here are some helpful links!

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On twitter, look for us using #chevygirls, #chevyfun, and #midmichigan!

The Girls on the Go campaign is sponsored by my local Chevy dealers (Thanks Chevy dealers!) They are letting me test drive a car for one month and providing me with gift cards and a camera so I can blog and share my fun missions and life’s adventures!

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  1. Jamie Harrington says: AHH! I love it! I think my favorite part was when the guy quoted you describing the car! on 04.4.11 @ 12:17 am

  2. Wendy says: Why do I not remember this? on 04.4.11 @ 5:38 pm

  3. Tiffany Parrott says: That was an exciting day!! Have fun cruisin'!! on 04.5.11 @ 4:53 pm

  4. Sandi says: Oh my gosh, Wendy! This sounds like so much fun. You did a great job telling the story and capturing the excitement with your pictures! on 04.5.11 @ 4:55 pm

  5. Shannon Kaeding Photography says: looks like so much fun! You did a great job capturing it! on 04.5.11 @ 10:14 pm

  6. Alexis says: This is so cool!! The voice activated bluetooth sounds car that doesn't even have power windows is jealous! on 04.6.11 @ 9:18 am

  7. Allana says: What a great experience!! on 04.7.11 @ 2:20 pm

Drive by posting!

I have more coming but I’m not done go-go-go-ing today and so this has to be short and sweet!

First! This morning was so awesome and I am already enjoying being a Mid-Michigan Chevy Girl on the Go!

Thank you so much to the Mid-Michigan Chevy dealers for making it possible! I can’t wait to tell you all about how my first day in the Chevy Cruze went! And post pictures! I, of course, took plenty this morning!

And second, WINNERS!!!

Winner of Prize 1, the chocolate gift: Entry #1, Alej Keigan!
Winner of Prize #2, the bottle of raspberry balsamic vinegar: Entry # 14, Jessica G!
Winner of Prize #3, the coffee & cocoa: Entry #5, Holly M!

Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you for your mailing info, so be on the look out! 🙂

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  1. alej keigan says: yum, thank you! on 04.1.11 @ 9:41 pm