Photography by Wendy


Birth Sessions

Birth photography is …
Emotional. Real. Powerful.
A promise that you will remember the most important day of your baby’s life, forever.
Often the memories of your baby’s birth can be lost in the haze of labor and emotion. Capture those special moments as your baby makes that important journey into the world. I would be honored to create a photo documentary of your baby’s birth day.

I feel so fortunate to have a client who has allowed me to share her story and images with you.

When I first thought about having the birth of my daughter photographed, it seemed weird, even unnatural. This was my second baby. When my first was born, I had two people in the room: her father and her grandmother. I have maybe two pictures of her birth, until about an hour after she was born. None of me in a contraction (which seems odd to want, but I did!), and only a half picture of her daddy cutting her cord. Thankfully, my nurse thought about it and grabbed my camera for me. As soon as these thoughts entered my mind, I knew without a doubt I wanted a photographer in the room for the birth of this baby; a person to be there for no other reason except to take pictures of my miracle entering the world. I knew there was nobody better for the job than Wendy Fisher.

When you have a second child, there is always that fear of “will I love them enough?” I almost feel like these pictures are a way to show her “I’ve always loved you enough, from the hours before you were born to the years after.”

The photos of me in labor are amazing to me. Only I know how I was really feeling in that moment, and it is truly special to have it captured. Seeing the images after having my daughter is like being able to tell the future; I know how the moment ends. The photos tell a story that I never would have been able to put into words. At the time, you are not thinking about how your hair looks, what time it is, or how the room looks. In that moment you are so in that moment you cannot take it all in, or even sort all the emotions you are going through. There is something to be said about being able to look back, see your child being born, and relive all of it.

Watching her being born … like actually watching her be born, I cannot even describe. It is something so valuable to me! Of course, it was enough to be there, giving life. But I love being able to look back at that time; step by step, minute by minute. To see what she looked like the first time she felt air on her body, the first time she was touched. I love that the very first time I was able to hold my daughter in my arms is documented (and makes me cry every time)!

Many of her first few minutes of life I do not remember. It was a rush of emotions, in a short span of time. I don’t remember her daddy cutting her cord at all. I have that photo, though. I am able to fill in the gaps of my memory with the photographs and truly appreciate all of it. Seeing any baby being born is a miracle, but watching your own baby be born is something you cannot put a price on. Every other moment of their life, you want to document. What better moment to start with than their birth?

Looking through my photos puts me into that moment. What was I feeling? What was I doing? What was her father doing? There are so many emotions associated with each image. It is amazing. I am so glad I can keep them not only for myself to look back on and remind me of what it meant, but also for my daughter to look at. I hope that she will take from the pictures a secure sense that she is loved without a doubt and that nothing can change that.

Having Wendy there was so easy, I didn’t even notice her in the room. She was no more than a fly on the wall, doing her own thing as I did mine. Never once did I feel weird or out of place around her. It made everything go great!

— Holly M.


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