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Brian and his blankie – Personal Projects – Saginaw Portrait Photographer

I have started an ongoing personal project to photograph individuals who still have their childhood cuddly toy or blankie. My first participant is Brian! I sent him 5 questions to answer about his blankie and had a mini session on a lovely sunny fall day back in October.

Brian and his blankie

1. How/where/when/from whom did you get your blanket/stuffed critter?

My blanket was a gift from a baby shower.

2. Where did you go together? What did you do? Was it/he/she with you every night for sleep? Did it/he/she go places with you?

We went on overnight trips to Grandma’s house and on vacations. I slept with it every night. It would come along with me on long car trips as well.

3. What is/was your favorite thing about your blanket/stuffed critter?

I like the softness. It was comforting to have it with me at night or while watching cartoons.

4. Tell me a story about something involving your blanket/stuffed critter.

I don’t really have any specific stories about it. Although my grandma could never understand why I always had it.

5. Is your blanket/stuffed critter still a part of your life today?

It’s not a part of my day to day life now. It’s one of the few things I’ve kept from my childhood. I don’t see myself ever throwing it out. It has a special spot on a shelf along with one of my favorite books from when I was little.

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I’m looking for people who still have the object that they loved and snuggled the most as a child. If that’s you, let’s chat! I want to photograph you with your cuddly toy or your blankie! Call me (888.530.9846) or email me ( right now!

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Baby Tatum – Saginaw Newborn Photographer

I love newborn sessions! Baby Tatum was an absolute joy to photograph. It took a little bit of patience, but we were finally able to get her to sleep. I like that aspect of newborn photography. We don’t have to rush, and in fact, it’s best if we don’t. And then at the end, we get lots of soft sleepy baby images. I did this session in the Saginaw Township home of my client. This works out well because it allows everyone to be relaxed and comfortable and it’s easy to take breaks to feed and change the baby. I hope you love these images of this sweet baby girl as much as I do!






Babies & Children
  1. Jennifer says: Looking to give a gift certificate for a newborn session. Can you tell me more about your services? Do you sell a cd ? on 11.3.15 @ 6:19 pm