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It’s like magic! But not really. But kinda!

I’m excited! This weekend I should have a radio ad running on WIOG! Yay! Recently, I met with the guy who is going to make that happen and we worked out the details of what I want to include.

I had been to the building where they’re located, but it had been a looooong time. So it was On-Star to the rescue again! I just can’t get over how fast and easy it is. You just push the button, let them know where you’re trying to go, and before you know it, the directions are there and you’re off!

If you’d like to keep up with the Mid-Michigan Chevy Girls on the Go this month here are some helpful links!

Main blog:
Megan’s blog:
Chrissy’s blog:
Liz’s blog: Media Mom

On twitter, look for us using #chevygirls, #chevyfun, and #midmichigan!

The Girls on the Go campaign is sponsored by my local Chevy dealers (Thanks Chevy dealers!) They are letting me test drive a car for one month and providing me with gift cards and a camera so I can blog and share my fun missions and life’s adventures!

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