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Easter Egg Hunt!

I had a lot of fun hiding eggs in the Cruze and Mikale had a lot of fun searching for them. Also, he really amuses me.

I had already gotten a ton of videos when my video camera died. So sad! And now it’s holding all those great videos hostage in it’s little dead body. Grrrr. I managed to get some new videos taken, but you are missing out on Mikale saying some amusing things. Fortunately, you get to see Mikale say new amusing things.

There are more places to put eggs in the Cruze than one might think and it was neat to explore the whole car looking for them.

Many videos, be amused:

If you’d like to keep up with the Mid-Michigan Chevy Girls on the Go this month here are some helpful links!

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On twitter, look for us using #chevygirls, #chevyfun, and #midmichigan!

The Girls on the Go campaign is sponsored by my local Chevy dealers (Thanks Chevy dealers!) They are letting me test drive a car for one month and providing me with gift cards and a camera so I can blog and share my fun missions and life’s adventures!

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