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Adventure? Well, not exactly! – Mid-Michigan Chevy Girls

Tuesday, I picked up my girl Sarah and dragged her to Frankenmuth for dinner and adventure! We did really well with the dinner part. NOMNOMNOM. We went to the Frankenmuth Brewery and had delicious food, and then tried a dessert that sounded so intriguing – doughnut-batter dipped, deep fried oreos. Every bit as sickeningly delightful as it sounds.

Out in the parking lot, I messed with some more buttons inside the Cruze and finally figured out how to check what kind of mileage I’ve been getting. I, of course, could have looked in the manual at any time and found it pretty quickly. But I’m always wondering things while I’m driving and then forget to mess with it by the time I’m not.

We took a little walk afterward and looked for something to amuse ourselves. Sadly, Frankenmuth closes pretty early at night during the week and we were not successful.

I did get a souvenir penny though! I have collected quite a few of them over the years from various places. Whenever I see one the the machines I feel the need to feed 51 cents in and smash a poor penny flat. I was excited that I had a nice new penny for the cause. They look better. (Shiny!)

Once we determined that everything was pretty much closed, we decided to head to Birch Run instead and catch a movie. We saw Hanna. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it. It was a good night and I had fun!

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The Girls on the Go campaign is sponsored by my local Chevy dealers (Thanks Chevy dealers!) They are letting me test drive a car for one month and providing me with gift cards and a camera so I can blog and share my fun missions and life’s adventures!

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