Photography by Wendy


About Me & My Style

I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. As a child, when I started out with my first camera (a little 110 film camera!), I took pictures of the cats, the dogs, my dolls and stuffed animals, fluffy clouds in the blue sky and anything else that caught my eye (much to the dismay of my family, charged with the task, and cost, of getting that film developed!)

Since then, my interest in photography has grown until it’s more than an interest, more than a like, more than a passion. It is simply a part of me. It is what I do. I have taken thousands and thousands of photos and I feel a little naked when I don’t have a camera with me. I can’t imagine not taking pictures. I love the process of it all; from the click of the shutter releasing, to the final product. I love to bring the beautiful images I see to life, and to share them with you.

Doing what I do makes me very happy.

My focus is on custom lifestyle portrait photography. Much of the time, with children especially, I try to capture my subjects as they really are. I do less stiff posing and more observing. I love to see the different personalities, emotions, and relationships show through the images.

I work on location with natural and available light. The location is your choice. The world is our studio! We can do the session in your home, in a park, or in another location that strikes your fancy. I find that this offers the opportunity for a more individual, comfortable approach. It also means your photos are not going to look like anyone else’s!

I am photographing in Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, Birch Run, Bridgeport, Frankenmuth, Chicago and more! I’m very much willing to travel to anywhere you want to go. Travel fees may apply; just ask and we can work something out!

As a bonus, here are some non-photography Wendy facts!

  • I have 5 cats. I’m a sucker for things that need rescuing.
  • I like to bake.
  • I still have my stuffed bunny from my childhood.
  • I like the smell of Pine-Sol.
  • I’m kind of a girly-girl, but I don’t mind getting dirty.
  • I’m very close to my family.
  • I have a brother 21 years younger than I am. He is a delight.
  • I don’t really follow astrology much. I’m on the cusp between Pisces and Aries. Often a mix of both signs will fit me, though they are also often a bit contradictory.
  • I hate celery.
  • I like looking at spiders but they freak me out when they get too close.
  • I keep containers of lip balm everywhere because I can’t stand the feeling of my lips being dry.
  • I think best in/around water.
  • I don’t like being cold.
  • I love infomercials.
  • I know some American Sign Language.
  • I love books.
  • I usually forget to watch TV, even if I have plans to. Thank goodness for the internet and DVDs!
  • I had a goldfish that lived for 13 years.
  • I used to eat ants.
  • I like macrame owls. Actually, not just macrame owls. I find myself drawn to all sorts of owly goodness lately. They’re so cute!
  • I like to dress up, in costumes and in fancy clothes.
  • I once hurt myself when sneezing.

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