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Brian and his blankie – Personal Projects – Saginaw Portrait Photographer

I have started an ongoing personal project to photograph individuals who still have their childhood cuddly toy or blankie. My first participant is Brian! I sent him 5 questions to answer about his blankie and had a mini session on a lovely sunny fall day back in October.

Brian and his blankie

1. How/where/when/from whom did you get your blanket/stuffed critter?

My blanket was a gift from a baby shower.

2. Where did you go together? What did you do? Was it/he/she with you every night for sleep? Did it/he/she go places with you?

We went on overnight trips to Grandma’s house and on vacations. I slept with it every night. It would come along with me on long car trips as well.

3. What is/was your favorite thing about your blanket/stuffed critter?

I like the softness. It was comforting to have it with me at night or while watching cartoons.

4. Tell me a story about something involving your blanket/stuffed critter.

I don’t really have any specific stories about it. Although my grandma could never understand why I always had it.

5. Is your blanket/stuffed critter still a part of your life today?

It’s not a part of my day to day life now. It’s one of the few things I’ve kept from my childhood. I don’t see myself ever throwing it out. It has a special spot on a shelf along with one of my favorite books from when I was little.

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I’m looking for people who still have the object that they loved and snuggled the most as a child. If that’s you, let’s chat! I want to photograph you with your cuddly toy or your blankie! Call me (888.530.9846) or email me ( right now!

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